4 Powerful Lessons to Build Influence and Spectacular Results

It’s all about INFLUENCE.

Influence is the real secret to leadership, and yet on

How Executives can start their journey with emerging technologies: My Interview with IoT Business Strategist Dimitrios Spiliopoulos

Today, I welcome Dimitrios who is a passionate IoT business Strategist. He helps compan

Why Executives Are Failing to Reach their Strategic Goals

Strategy is the core of any organization and it’s the driver to a sustainable growth. Y

Talent strategy, the critical success factor for any fast-growth technology organisation: My Interview with Headhunter Daniel Osmer

Today, I welcome Daniel Osmer who founded Spectrum in London in 2001 to provide profess

From Poor to High-Performing Organisations – How to Turn the Tables

In the recent years, the number of articles and insights about company culture has incr

The Warning Signs of Egocentric Leaders

One of my favourite books is “The Five Temptations of a CEO” by Patrick Lencio

Plan Is Nothing, Planning Is Everything: My Interview with Growth Strategy Expert Lucio Furlani

Today, I welcome Lucio Furlani. Lucio has 30 years of experience as an executive for la

Four Effective Strategies to Sell to Large Companies

No matter how good is your product, service or solution, selling to large corporations

Five Reasons Why Venture Capitalists and Founders Struggle to Tune In

Venture Capital isn’t for all new Ventures. Many have already explained the key r

What Is Preventing Your Business to Raise and Shine

In their last book “Blitzscaling”, Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh explain what is

Something interesting came up during a strategic planning session with a product development client. What shall we do to enable the salesforce to improve their understanding of our solutions and the problems we solve? I often see a big gap between product and sales. #strategy

Being too self-centred can give rise to anxiety and depression. An effective antidote is to cultivate a sense of altruism, taking the whole of humanity into account. Appreciating the oneness of humanity leads us to recognise our essential equality as human beings.

To bring about culture change, organizations need to rethink the concept of leadership by creating a community of leaders who are dedicated to being customer obsessed purpose-driven, highly networked, and curiosity-driven. https://mitsmr.com/2CmFRO4

How do you define #success in the new role? How does your manager define success? I suggest employees in a new role to get clarity on what success means in the new role. Job descriptions often don’t define success and people realise too late the importance of it #career #newrole

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Building a thriving tech organization is not as easy as building a tech product. In a such fast changing market,
there is no time to fail.