Unlike other advisors, I bring to my clients clear results-driven solutions in a very pragmatic approach by leveraging my international and executive experience in a number of different contexts. No fluff. My clients get clarity, declutter non-priority initiatives, get empowered, and more importantly, they take actions.

By working with me, executives take the most of my 17 years of successful and executive international experience in working from Large, Listed to Small-Mid Size Organisations in Industries such as Oil and Gas, Engineering and Construction, Technology, Management Consulting. Some positions I’ve held include Managing Partner, Executive Vice President, Director of Business Development, Director of Sales and Marketing, Divisional Director, Project Director.

I earned a Master’s Degree in Science in 2000 in Italy, an Executive Master of Management (Business Administration) in 2013 in Spain and more recently an Executive Coach Certification (CEC) at the World-Class Center for Executive Coaching in United States.

Having worked internationally throughout all my career (West Africa, North Africa, MiddleEast, Scandinavia, South Europe, and now in the UK), I had the fortune to be exposed in a large number of projects, opportunities as well as leadership and management challenges. Some interesting lessons, both positive and negative, have been captured during this time that help me to understand why strategies fail, marketing and sales don’t bring results, projects overrun, teams don’t perform, and generally, why scaling businesses is not easy.

What my clients say about me

Besides work, my main four passions in life are:

  • Leadership (It terrifies me to see how many organizations have poor leadership nowadays)
  • Technology (This is a never-ending learning experience for me. Every day!)
  • Sports (I have to admit. I can’t really live without tennis…)
  • Give back (member of the Development Committee of the leading international non-profit organizations, Right to Play in UK that has mission to protect, educate and empower children to rise. Very excited!)