The Warning Signs of Egocentric Leaders

One of my favourite books is “The Five Temptations of a CEO” by Patrick Lencio

Plan Is Nothing, Planning Is Everything: My Interview with Growth Strategy Expert Lucio Furlani

Today, I welcome Lucio Furlani. Lucio has 30 years of experience as an executive for la

Four Effective Strategies to Sell to Large Companies

No matter how good is your product, service or solution, selling to large corporations

Five Reasons Why Venture Capitalists and Founders Struggle to Tune In

Venture Capital isn’t for all new Ventures. Many have already explained the key r

What Is Preventing Your Business to Raise and Shine

In their last book “Blitzscaling”, Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh explain what is

Why #tech pilot projects fail. My experience with flaws implementation with #technology

Strategies and other major initiatives still fail for flawed implementation. The market is full of visionary leaders. But very few spend efforts and the right time to get things done. My view here #strategy #execution

Starting a fascinating strategic planning process with a #fintech org. Company is going well, good brand, profitability ok but.. the CEO struggles to get his team thinking more strategically and envisioning what the market will need in 3 years time. It's all about good #strategy

Not surprisingly, the percentage of millennials feeling engaged at work is low. Some good reasons for that #TLSummit #TechLeaders19 @TechLeadersIA

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Building a thriving tech organization is not as easy as building a tech product. In a such fast changing market,
there is no time to fail.